We’re back.

I could sit here and enumerate all of the shiny and dull things that happened tonight at the premiere of “Serenity” …

instead as I sit here resting my tired yet smartly elevated feet, I will list random things that I come into focus as I slowly come down from my natural high of being invited to the ball at all … and iffin they are run-on sentences, shoot me later – I’m tired.

– GC thanking Jane Espenson for hours of good telly.

– Getting to hug Ron Glass and thanking him for his work on “Firefly” and “Barney Miller” … hopefully not making as big of a goof as I thought I did ;).

– Seeing how flawlessly pretty Morena Baccarin is in person and hats off to her for walking on those killer stilettos!

– Marveling at Christina Hendrick’s assets, and yes I am secure enough in my sexuality to give her a round of applause for representing for the naturally ample-bosomed women!

– Wishing the autograph hounding Browncoats would just really freaking stop and let the BDHs have their night – side note that I did try to get Adam Baldwin’s autograph in the heat (and I do mean heat) of the moment but he was excusing himself so I never got a chance to ask him for one and had to give Jackie back her Sharpie. In hindsight, I was glad that I did NOT get the chance to ask him because every single BDH was being besieged by people holding DVDs to sign, the companion book, and whatnot … what else?

– Oh yeah! Hanging out with fellow Browncoats and questioning a chocolate fountain with Clay.

– Bending the Whedon’s ear for a few appropriate moments to congratulate him on the film and confessing how many times I had seen the film, prompting Joss to say that he did not even think he had seen it THAT many times and being thanked BY him for Browncoat support.

– The glee on Jen’s face after she had a lengthy talk over ice cream with Jane Espenson about Jane Austen.

– My dear sweet GermanCity pausing on the red carpet to offer his arm to me and walking the red carpet together. And for the record, just how gorram good we both looked – him in his mossy green mod suit and me in my red silk jacket, black satin blouse and palazzo pants … not to mention my matching red and black Chinese take-away carton evening bag that was too kawaii for words.

– Hats off to Jackie, Clay, Stephanie, Jen, Lynn, and Kit for how good they looked – very stylie and proved that Browncoats DO have the wherewithal to dress up for something groovy!

– Kit making it to the BDMP at ALL in L.A. rush hour traffic, props to Ian for maneuvering through it and for wearing a truly stylie jacket to the premiere.

– Seeing Neil Patrick Harris and Amy Acker with their respective partners talking outside and nonchalantly dancing to the DJ’s spun tunes.

– Hard work of Denise, Lynn, Tamara and James to get us into the party at all … thanks guys, you are both in my pantheon of BDHs as well!

– Recognising Badger before the movie started and seeing Liam geek out when meeting him – too cute 🙂

– Having security politely usher us partygoers outside because it was getting late and the party was regrettably over 😦 but then cruising around with GC in the Thunderbird with the top down enjoying the revelry of the night!

– I am going to stop now because it’s nearly 04:00 and well, bed is beckoning me to get all supine and comfy. I will prolly muse more tomorrow, er later today and add anything that comes to me over brunch.

See you on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening: Antics in the Forbidden Zone by Adam & The Ants.

Meal: Random foods at the premiere’s after party, I swiped a menu for a keepsake but I can’t be arsed to get up and transcribe what it listed.