We went downtown and saw NIN tonight. The opening band was Queens of the Stone Age and Autolux … and wow, each band was progressively louder than the preceding one. We were glad to have our ear plugs with us because without them, we would have had the ear ringing for a while afterwards …

I just flashed on being at the after party for “Serenity”, talking to people in an abnormally loud voice because I had ringing or worse, just sitting in a corner because my head was all kerflooey.

It was a good show, my favourite song of the night being the NIN classic “Hurt”. I remember seeing them many years ago, opening for Peter Murphy. It was a very small college venue and I had nice front row seats, back when you could just wait in line for them. Anyway, I was glad that GC liked the show more than he thought he would so yay me! Score, they can be played in the house now with less grumbling. You see, the ex-harpie loved NIN and always tried to tell GC he should dress like/be like/emulate Trent. I can see how that would have put me off the band …

We leave in a few days to go to L.A. for the BDMP, translated as Big Damn Movie Premiere! GC had a clothing crisis when the gorgeous suits we picked up in London were all too LONG. We had totally forgotten that they needed to be hemmed before he wore them. The other one that he had was a bit too Simon-esque and since he did not want to be that guy, he’s opting for a really stylish green number that we found in Denver. Tomorrow, I am waking early to go shopping for something to WEAR! It’s not a case of nothing in the closet will work but I want some new togs because I doubt I’ll be invited to any screen premieres any time soon …

that said, it means sleep for me NOW!

I just looked at the clock, it’s just barely midnight. I’m going to really have to make myself go to bed.

See you on the flip side šŸ˜‰
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening: Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails.

Dinner: a before show meal of Boca burgers with cheese on honey wheat buns + baked homemade fries with sea salt.