Our groceries were delivered today. First off, how fortunate are we to be able to have groceries delivered to our kitchen and secondly that the thing that I want to bitch about is so very trivial in the grand scheme of things …

Microwave pizza. I bought two to test out. GC had one earlier and I made one in a fit of hunger a few minutes ago. It smelled nice and after a dusting of red pepper/parmesan, I sat down to have some. After a few bites, I stood right the hell back up and marched it over to the troll that lives down our sink … he’ll eat anything as long as it’s chased with some water. I just hope he doesn’t belch it back up because it was foul going down, I sure the heck don’t want to see it in reverse. I’ve postponed making anything now because you know when you want something, taste it, and it completely puts you off eating anything til the taste/smell is gone from your system? I’m just trying to figure out how GC ate it, unless he was that hungry that it was simply fuel.

I am trying to decide whether we fly or drive to L.A. on Wednesday. It’s a whole convenience thing if we fly because it would take far less time to climb a plane and *poof* arrive in L.A. versus hassling with driving. I have the airline’s website up and am weighing the options as I babble. What I DO know, is that I love the moon cakes that my roomie shared with me. They are the Chinese version of hopia and they make me think of my grandparents. My grandfather loves these and any time I took my grandmother to the Chinese market, he’d always hint in Tagalog that he wanted some which we always got him. I just had the last one from that package and I think it has made me sleepy.

You can’t really eat a lot of them because they are very rich but whoo! Oh so good! If you do wish to indulge in an entire package, then you might resemble the following:

Hee hee hee. Time for the wind-down before sleep, good moon cakey goodness in happy tummy.

See you on the flip side šŸ˜‰
– GermanCitySquirrel

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note about the CD, if you have not seen the video for “A Million Ways” … get to their video page and watch it. I want to learn all their moves …

Meal: botched pizza attempt saved by a single sweet sweet Moon cake.