Two pots of tea and many dumplings later finds me here at home, letting dinner digest nicely while a cat meows for attention at the guys upstairs. We went to Wong’s Place, our weekly haunt when back home in the desert. If you ever make it to Phoenix, in my humblest of opinions, they have the best Chinese food in town. And be sure to ask for both menus, not just the Americanised favourites one.

We ordered a small feast for the three of us.

Starter: Empress Ribs, slightly fried pork ribs and drizzled with a spicy honeyed garlic sauce.

Entrees: Mongolian Beef with its crispy rice noodle and tender meat. Stir-fry chicken + garlic with sauteed fresh tumu. And to round out the selections, a mixed order of steamed veggie and pan-fried pork dumplings.

Side: Nicely sticky white rice – the key ingredient for a good Chinese meal. If the rice is bad, I have a hard time enjoying the rest of it … unless I’m going the noodley route.

I’m mostly just killing time til GC comes downstairs. I think we are going to watch a movie, provided we all don’t slip into our own little food comas. The roomie has made his way down and is placating the cat with a game of peek-a-boo. I don’t know who’s more amused – the roomie or the cat? I have that sluggish feeling because it’s too warm outside. It needs to be cooler and I wish the cat + roomie would be a bit quieter.

Nothing earth-shattering to report other than the waiting for the absolute final news about the whole BMDP is making me nuts. I got an unofficial thumbs up which means there might be premierey goodness for us but still waiting to exhale til I see that official ‘Versal invite in my inbox.

Tick tock. Tick tock. GC is downstairs now – gotta jet!

See you on the flip side,
– GermanCityGirl 🙂

Currently listening: Y4K by Hybrid.

Dinner: Lavishly described above.