you can’t bloody sheep.

Haha! I mistyped there but am leaving it because it amuses me so.

Denver has been a pleasant surprise thus far. We went and saw DMB at Red Rocks Monday night. I love the band dearly but I have to be honest and say the concert was less than spectacular than I had hoped. They kinda played a similar song list as when they performed at SBC Park earlier this year. But the money went to charity and it was a good cause and I finally got to see the venue! Oh yes …

the venue …

holy bushels of cabbages! I have always wanted to go there since I saw the U2 concert film way back in the day. I was floored by how striking the surroundings were. And I will hold the memory of Aaron Neville singing “Amazing Grace” with me until the day I shuffle off this mortal coil. It was one of my father’s favourite songs and with the anniversary coming up, it was one of those moments that made this softy cry.

On Tuesday, there was much shopping. Oh the shopping! GermanCity had major luck with some shops having half off sales. I got some fantastic wooden geta-looking shoes with red silk bindings and a red/black Chinese take-away container that is going to make an appearance at the BDM premiere. While we were out and about, I got “the” call from Lumie from the BC boards. She was so thrilled to tell me and I was so thrilled to hear despite being in the middle of doing the urban vulture block circling ritual to find parking. I don’t think it’s sunk in, really. GC and I will be there in Hollywood, walking the proverbial red carpet with the other BCs and afterwards, soaking up BDH after-party vibes. I am excited but I know it won’t hit me til I get back home and dissect my closet looking for something to wear! Naturally that will be the point of panic and more shopping will ensue. I will wait til I get official notice before truly whooping it up, so to speak … but am riding high on a happy smile til then …

Now I am sitting in the hotel room, half sleepy but mostly awake trying to putter my way through this blog in the hopes that if I type long enough … it will make me sleepy.

Nope. Not working. Maybe I’ll just channel surf since the whole telly thing is a treat!

See you on the flip side,
– GermanCityGirl 🙂

Currently listening: Some Devil by Dave Matthews.

Snack: one of those chocolate enrobed granola bars which of course means I’ll have to brush my teeth again after I get sleepy.