I am sitting here listening to some Puffy … and I don’t mean the rapper, thanks very much. I mean to say the infectious duo of Ami and Yumi! I am reminded of driving around in Vancouver on a Friday night as the sun set over the city. We were listening to “Electric Beach Fever/Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera” and it felt like some amusing music video … blasting the music while cruising while the city slid by rainslicked and hip.

I say all this because next month we are going to Vancouver and Seattle again for about 9 days or so. We have planned a trip around two concerts which bookend the holiday. I am looking forward to hitting some of the places that we discovered on our last trip that-a-ways. Getting my hair cut and dyed over at Scream then thrifting on Capitol Hill, having some Italian food at Ciao Bella or our favourite Ramen joint in B.C. … basically just being anywhere but here in the desert. Maybe soon we’ll get this urge to pull up stakes and head farther west. It’s not financially sound to keep paying rent on something that we don’t own and I doubt that AZ can be our home. It just doesn’t feel like a good fit …

I am also looking forward to visiting two Browncoats (insert wave to Mr. and Mrs. Gwynhala) that we had the supreme pleasure of meeting in Los Angeles at a press screening for Serenity. At first I thought it was going to be awkward to meet some of the BCs that I have spoken with for most of this year but some of them were really easy to talk to … hence the whole incorporating a visit when we are in WA.

I have never gotten all fan-girl-ish over a thing before … bands, yes but a tv show?!? Never. There is just something about Serenity and Firefly that made really gravitate to the boards that I frequent more than I should. But I will save that for another entry … must make tea now. This whole blogging thing is addictive and I’ll get better at it, the more I do it.

See you on the flip side,
– GermanCityGirl 🙂

Currently listening: An Illustrated History by Puffy AmiYumi.

Before-bed-snack: Fuji apple with two small wedge chunks of sharp cheddar cheese.